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Expanding Peripheral

Alright, I'm gonna give it a shot. I'm going to try to expand Peripheral (my 10 minute play from playworks 2007, directed by the capable Robin, starring the amazing Katie, Charles, and Michael.)
I got a lot of positive feedback on the performances of the work and I was always kind of interested in what it might become if I let it spread out more.

So. Ideas. I need ideas. I know several of you saw it and was wondering if there was anything you thought you wanted to see from it. Like, if you left thinking, "I really wish the boyfriend and the gay roommate could have had a scene together." I should probably add more characters, since it's a lot for three actors to do two full acts by themselves.
I think I'm just so used to the things the characters do say (having poured over them for more than a year as I wrote it,) that I'm having trouble venturing into what else they might say.
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