like a violent crime (calitetra) wrote,
like a violent crime

I would be flattered if he weren't nuts

I wouldn't call it stalking, because he quit it pretty quickly when he realized I wasnt interested, but there was this bar guest last fall who really seemed taken with me. And sent me this message on facebook. Which I had forgotten until today.

Dear Julia:

Listen, I think your policy of avoiding fellows who make advances to you at work is both prudent and wise. And I hope you can believe that making those advances isn’t something I ordinarily would do. But there was something about you that I found especially charming. For one thing, you have bottomless blue eyes; once glance at them would make strong Frenchmen break down and cry. Then you spoke to me – in a voice, I might add, like a vintage Burgundy made audible – and I learned that you are bright, engaging, and, in a nutshell, positively delightful. So I decided to take a chance.
Anyhow, please know that I would absolutely love to meet you in some public place for a spot of coffee or a bite of dinner. I won’t pursue the matter because I want you to be entirely comfortable. But please don’t take my lack of initiative as a lack of interest! Trust me, I’m interested. Saying that I have some slight interest in taking you to dinner is like saying that Hitler had some slight interest in Poland. I very much hope to see you again, so drop me a line sometime, won't you? Meanwhile, take good care of yourself, and please know that you really are an exceedingly lovely girl.
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