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oh love of mine can you condescend to help me cause I'm stupid and blind

Today I:
-woke up in my very favorite way and then got to sleep in some more
-had a sexy lumberjack make me pancakes
-drove to Virginia to take out a sailboat
-it was too windy to sail, drove back to Chevy Chase
-got geared up to get the lumberjack a haircut then go bouldering at the gym
-haircut made us both sleepy
-ate sandwiches
-took blankets outside and napped in a sunny patch in backyard
-watched him get ready to go train to be a cocktail server (to replace me after I leave)
-showered; smelled better, looked fluffier
-went to eat in the cocktail section to support/harrass him during his training
-got a little slooshed on margaritas, ate everything ever
-added a billion applications to my iGoogle
-spent a litteral half hour scrolling through pictures of cats on my new pictures of cats iGoogle application
-made plans to sleep in tomorrow, wake up in my favorite way, and make the lumberjack steak and eggs

Tomorrow I might:
-wake up my favorite way and make breakfast
-succeed in going sailing
-go climbing
-go running
-hang out with Carter
-buy a couple things to finish my Halloween costume
-help the lumberjack plan a costume since he is not working on the 31st anymore!
-try to get my cocktail Saturday covered so I can ride rollercoasters with my fave girls
-call my health insurance about why they sent me a bill AGAIN when last month the lady on the phone said my account clearly understood that I had direct deposit from my checking account
-look up things to do when I'm in Honolulu
-look up cheap ways to get to and stay in Montreal for a few days
-look up cheap ways to get to and stay in Madison for a few days
-get more stuff organized in my room
-photograph my desk so I can try to sell in on Craigslist
-make sure I don't overeat, or eat excessive sugar
-deal with being one day closer to losing my newest most wonderful best friend
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