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he only laughs when he's sad. and he's sad all the time so he laughs the whole night through

I work a lot. And when I finish a dinner shift and feel like I have to do something fun before I roll in for my following lunch shift, it seems to me like all I do is work. So I go to a poker game in a friend's new apartment where there's a shortage of chairs and I'm too tired to do much but stare into space and chime in on the occational 'that's what she said.'
But I should remember that I actually do get a lot of fun stuff done in my current life. Like in this past calender week I had some pretty good times. I just have to remember that I had them, when work blurs together and it seems like I'm always there.

Tuesday: Worked lunch, had dinner with Jess (at work, so what) and we caught up a bit. Saw a midnight movie with Mickey and Richard, Hancock, it was only okay.
Wednesday: Drove up to Towson for a doctors appointment. Remembered why I love my doctor as she wrote me a very official letter about how healthy I am to help me stick it to the bums who rejected me for health insurance (my most major tragedy of late.) Bought some stuff at H&M. Then Ben and I tried to go see the new Hunter S. Thompson documentary but the tickets I had won were useless because the theatre filled up before we could get there. So we went and had drinks and snack at work and then saw a movie, Get Smart, it was only okay.
Thursday: Worked lunch and dinner because I picked up for the house. I have trouble saying no to them because I really want to get in good, have the N for New taken off my name so I can train to work cocktail.
Friday: Dont know what I did during the day. Worked dinner.
Saturday: Got up at 7 to work brunch. My shoe broke at noon and I had to work three more hours with it tripping me up. Then rushed to Uncle Andy's in Catonsville for a family pool party. Swimming was done when I got there but the food was good and it was nice to see everybody. My cousin gave me a Holy Spirit pendant she bought on her trip to the vatican. I haven't taken it off. I drove from Catonsville to Hamilton in Baltimore (with a brief stop at Adri's in Fells') to hang out with Chris. That was actually really nice. Some drinks, watched a movie on TV, went to Club Chuck and saw some of Sean and Holland.
Sunday: Only got to sleep til 11 because I had to get home and get myself together (and buy new shoes) to work at 4. It's the worst thing ever to leave a nice comfy bed with a nice comfy person in it when they get to keep sleeping and you dont. I made a lot of money at my 4 oclock shift though and they told me I earned having my N taken off. Yay! Small victories are important, and credited to my new holy spirit necklace.
Monday: Had some lunch and got my haircut with Mickey. It was nice to do something with my day before my 5:30 dinner shift, I usually just bum around until I have to go. Then work. Then sleepy poker. Now this.

None of that was interesting to those who aren't me. But that's what I'm up to. I see some people, but not everyone I want to see. I'm tired and hungry all the time. I'm tired and hungry now.
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