like a violent crime (calitetra) wrote,
like a violent crime

I think I want to change how I roll.

So when he sent me a text message and asked me "Had you ever stayed up with someone all night before?", what was I supposed to say?

"Yes, I have done it before. Staying up all night talking and not having sex but sharing kisses with someone I barely know but start to know more and more until my spaniel heart falls dizzyingly in love, then parting in the morning expecting never to see each other again but in reality spending the following untold months chasing each other through electronic devices, never fully satisfied because we can never get back how incredible it felt to really open up and be with and love someone without reservation and we probably never will? That's actually just how I roll."

Instead I told a story about playing Risk all night that was a composite of a couple friendly innocuous experiences. I need a new scene.
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